Everyone Recommends Heidi!

Heidi was exceptional and trustworthy.

We were first time homebuyers, and she was incredibly patient with us throughout the process.

We will definitely take her services again for our next real-estate deal.

Shashwat Sehgal

Heidi is an amazing and effective real estate agent who constantly impressed me with her WOW factors!

She is very knowledgeable in all the details of how to market and sell real estate in San Francisco. She helped me sell my SF condo and I’m very happy with the high offers I received that led to a quick closed sale. During my initial meeting with Heidi, she brought her amazing interior designer and painter who were professional and very reasonably priced. She then finalized the marketing materials, including a very professional & personalized virtual tour website – WOW!!! Within two weeks, Heidi held the first open house! As a result of her efforts, Heidi got me the best price with a clean offer that closed within 30 days. Heidi has the know-how that helped maximize one of my biggest personal investments and allowed me to be stress-free from the complexities of closing SF real estate. She and her amazing team were there for me every step of the way! I highly recommend Heidi if you’re in the market to sell (or buy) your home.

We will definitely take her services again for our next real-estate deal.

Mary Kwan

Heidi and her team are great and wonderful people.

We've been in business together since 2004. I can't ask for a better, knowledgeable, and overall awesome group....

they will work above and beyond to help individuals and families get into homes or sell their homes.

Emilia Franco

Very professional. Had our best interest in mind throughout the process.

Heidi was very responsive to our needs and was always available to answer questions. Called us regularly to keep us informed. She priced our house properly and got us the highest price possible. My wife and I highly recommend Heidi.

She is the best you could ever have to meet your needs.

David Gritzer

Heidi was very helpful in the purchase of my first home.

I was not very knowledgeable about the process and she made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. Heidi really knows the area where I bought my home, and in fact, she lives only a few blocks from me! I felt that her local knowledge was invaluable in the process, particularly given the housing market at the time of my purchase. I am thoroughly happy with my purchase.

And will absolutely refer Heidi to friends and family.

Kirsten Muetzel

Heidi is a great agent!

I worked with Heidi when I moved to San Francisco several years back. We worked together for several months when I moved to California and she helped me to boil down the options and successfully negotiate a condo purchase. She knows the ins and outs of the city and is totally connected to the market and the community of real estate agents in the city. She has great insider knowledge and is constantly working to increase her knowledge of the local markets and trends. And she is great to work with, bringing a human touch that will help see you through the ups and downs of home buying and selling. I value her opinions and trust her judgment.

I highly recommend Heidi!

Ken Hutchinson

Heidi is an excellent person to work with when selling your home!

My company transferred me temporarily to Michigan. After several years this assignment became permanent so I needed to sell my condo home in Oakland California. Heidi took the extra time to work with me long distance for a successful sale of my home!

I highly recommend Heidi!

Lisa Austin

I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Knowledgeable, honest, patient, not pushy and she went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the property... She listen to my wants and concerns and never ever made me feel unimportant. I purchase a short sale home and Heidi kept in touch with all parties involved to make sure everyone was always on the same page.

Awesome Realtor!

Laura Harper

When I bought my home five years ago, I had no experience with home-buying, as I had never owned my own house before.

When I contacted Heidi, she took the time to find out exactly what I wanted, where I wanted to live, and how much I could afford. I looked at many houses, and Heidi never tried to convince me that "this is the one," she listened to my concerns. When I found the right house, Heidi knew it right away; she saw it in my eyes and felt my love for the house. I recommended Heidi to a dear friend when she wanted to buy a new home, and I know that my friend was very pleased with Heidi, too.

Heidi is a wonderful realtor and a wonderful person.

Sharon Bennett

I worked with Heidi on purchasing a home in San Francisco during a corporate relocation.

Heidi was incredibly focused, respectful, conscious of my requirements and interests, was extensively prepared during each of our meetings, and worked through all steps of the process with the utmost professionalism. I very much enjoyed working with Heidi and consider her a friend to this day. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone that is looking for a real estate professional in SF. Heidi is by far and away one of the most diligent and focused realtors that I have ever had the opportunity to work with in a property transaction.

You cannot go wrong by working with Heidi and her team!

Kevin Deysenroth

I am a first time home buyer with minimal knowledge of the process.

I started looking to buy when the market had become fairly volatile and Heidi helped guide me through. She has an endless, positive energy about her and a no pressure attitude. She is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Ex: I saw an add for a house I was interested in, viewed it that late morning, called Heidi, she came to Oakland from SF that afternoon, viewed the house, met me at my place, drew up an offer, submitted it that night, and I found out at 9:30PM the next night that I got it. The woman knows how to make things happen. I also had a lot of fun with her through what I thought would be a more stressful process.

I recommend Heidi as a realtor and as just a quality person to experience in life.

Sarah DeVincenzi

Heidi is a great realtor.

In 2010 she found us an amazing place in San Francisco. Unfortunately for us we didn't buy it and regretted it after. When we were planning to move out of San Francisco down to the Peninsula, we used Heidi again and she found us a fantastic house in Belmont.

She is very friendly and we highly recommend her.

Philipp Hertel

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Heidi when I needed an agent to sell a property.

Heidi Is an amazing professional who is masterful in all areas of her craft.

She is absolutely reliable, kind, and patient. She also has a wonderful network of people who support her in making good things happen.

She made the experience of selling the property a very good one.

I don't believe you can go wrong with Heidi Mueller.

Guy Berrysmith

If you need result, go for Heidi and her team!

Heidi is efficient, responsive, and is an excellent problem solver. During our buying process, she showed her exceptional tenacity and ability to talk up and negotiate with the listing agent. This is just one example, not to mention many other occasions when she showed she was on top of the game, for you.

She would go extra length to ensure you get your dream home.

Atit Wongnophadol

We were so lucky and grateful to work with Heidi!

As young, first-time homebuyers with limited funds, Heidi was helpful, knowledgable, and incredibly supportive throughout our process of purchasing a Below Market Rate (BMR) unit in San Francisco. In fact, Heidi took the initiative to contact the seller's agent of a BMR condo that had just been put back on the market one day before, and because we were the first to see it we were given priority by the Mayor's Office to purchase it. She made sure we were on top of signing any and all e-documents ASAP and helped us negotiate a tricky situation when the sellers wanted to stay in the home longer than we could wait.

On top of all that, Heidi was warm and truly seemed invested in helping us find the perfect home.

Frances Prochilo

Heidi did an amazing job of finding properties that matched my list of requirements.

She was professional and answered all my questions or found the answer if she did not have it already at hand.

I would gladly use her services again and would highly recommend her to friends.

Claudia Ochilla